Rehearsed reading

The latest irregular update is that my full-length play The Valuta Bar is having a rehearsed reading next week.


A man and a woman meet in a bar. He is looking for answers about his father who fled Poland at the height of the Cold War; she is the devil.

Still some spaces left – met me know if you’d like to come along.


West End Stage

The first 30 minutes of my play Thankless Children (formerly known as Winning and shortlisted earlier this year for the Bread & Rose Playwriting Award) will get an outting on November 20 at the Criterion, no less.mosse_cnw_showcase_2017_contents

It will be directed by the madly talented Melissa Dunne of Papercut Theatre, and I’m lucky enough to be calling upon the acting talents of Stephen Cavanagh, Amelia Donkor, David Ellis, Joanne Ferguson & Judy Tcherniak.

It’s free to come along – you just need to let me know in advance (elizabethrj001 AT gmail DOT com). Looking forward to this a lot…


Been a while…

Where does the time go? It’s been a busy, umm, nearly year. I’ve taken a break from writing short plays to concentrate on getting more full-lengths finished.

In November, I was invited back by the Criterion for a series of Story Development workshops. Run by Greg Mosse and working with the immensely talented Matilda Ibini and Martin Malcom the workshops are designed to help you structure an entire play. Three sessions, much head wrenching and they did just that…


In May, I was thrilled to learn that my play Winning (Mad, Irish family stew) had been shortlisted for the Bread & Roses Playwriting award. Wot larks!

Am putting the finishing touches to another full-length about spies and difficult maternal relationships (a natural fit, no?). Also voting – if you’re reading this in real time then make sure you do…



Catch up

So, the world is a busy, crazy place and much has been happening. Some of it has involved writing plays, rehearsing plays, producing plays. A lot of it has involved an unhealthy addiction to the social media echo chamber and clicking refresh on newspaper headlines because how many sudden reversals can one front bench hold? None of it has involved updating this website, but that’s hardly news.

In reverse order then – this is happening Sunday and Monday July 17 & 18.

Screwed asset

I know it’s going to be great because I spent eight hours in a rehearsal room yesterday with the brilliant director and cast and wonderful things happened.


Definitely not including this so that I can swank about rehearsing in Out Of Joint’s space. Definitely not that.

Also this Sunday, my short play After the Storm receives a rehearsed reading at Harrow Arts Centre as part of a free event hosted by Endpaper Theatre, which also includes a short talk on adapting literature for the stage by Martin Malcolm (playwright extraordinaire and lecturer on playwrighting at Bath Spa University). After the Storm was adapted from Chapter 7 of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and set in a post-Brexit world; I was adding edits until last week and am hopeful it might remain current until Sunday.

In older news, my play Two Sides got a second outing at the Arcola in June, courtesy of Falling Pennies.


Devane Boyd, Sharon Duffy and George Damms in Two Sides

It was a top production and featured original music by George Damms. Also – Arcola.


Two Sides at Bread and Roses, tonight and tomorrow

My new short play, Two Sides, will be at The Bread and Roses Theatre tonight and tomorrow as part of their Platform night for scratch writing.

A chance encounter with her ex (Sam Wilkinson) prompts Aine (Rebecca Pryle) to embellish the truth a little. But as they keep on meeting, her lie takes on a life of its own. Thought-provoking comedy, yeah? Two Sides is directed by Su Gilroy; rehearsals are going really well and it’s going to be a cracking evening.

Tickets for tonight are sold out, but a few are still available for tomorrow’s show (Monday 2nd). Get them here.